Contemporary Roots


By Darrell Harke

In 1906 a group of farmers came together to form the Bank of Old Monroe. Although there have been many changes during the past 110 years, we believe our community bank’s founding families, of which many of those relationships still continue within our shareholder base, are proud of where we are today.

The Bank of Old Monroe is a locally owned and operated community bank with three branches; the main bank and operations center are still located in the town of Old Monroe. As of this publishing, a fifth location in Troy, Mo., is being constructed.

Although farming is still strong in this area, Bank of Old Monroe has evolved to be one of the leading commercial banks in the area. Serving Lincoln, St. Charles and several other surrounding counties, our community bank’s success lies in the communities we serve. Through our goal of building relationships by creating customer loyalty, shareholder value and employee satisfaction, our vision is carried out.

Bank of Old Monroe
Old Monroe, Mo.
ROAA in 2015: 1.55 percent
Assets: $319 million
Retail locations: Five
Employees: 65
Founded: 1906

“Every customer will recommend the Bank of Old Monroe,” is a creed we operate by.
There is no secret to our success. Our employees make all the difference. Empowered and trained decision makers answer even the most complex questions. Whether it’s a phone call to our investment service representative, a question to our IT department or a trip down the hallway to the president’s office, we will get you the answer.

We want our customers to know we are nothing like the Wall Street banks. However, we have all the products and services without the risk and price tag that goes with them. Our community bank has kept up with technology. Products such as mobile banking, mobile deposit, instant-issue debit cards, and online banking for both consumers and businesses are just a few.

Meanwhile, our lending policies are conservative but fair. Our success was complemented with the loan growth we’ve had the past few years. When you couple that with a strong team of lenders who built those customer relationships, you have a measure for a successful loan portfolio.

Our residential mortgage department saw continued growth in 2015 with loans for home purchases, refinances and residential construction loans going into the secondary markets despite the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule. Efficiency played a strong role in that home-lending success as our team of loan officers closed more than 110 residential loans totaling more than $20 million in loans in a two-to-three-person department in the past 12 months.

Add in a strong performing mix of investments chosen by our chief financial officer, and our community bank’s strong performance numbers just fell in place.

Like most community banks, Bank of Old Monroe invests in the places we live, work and play. Supporting schools, churches and civic organizations is a large part of our advertising and donation budget.

Darrell Harke ( is president and CEO of Bank of Old Monroe in Old Monroe, Mo. He has 25 years of banking experience. He serves on the board of directors of Missouri Independent Bankers Association and ICBA’s Bank Services Committee.