Big-Time Big


Five community banks tell their stories of exceptional growth

Every community bank wants to grow, plans to grow and even expects to grow. But every community bank also grows in its own particular way, under its own particular circumstances, under its own terms.

Some aim to grow organically—steadily winning new accounts and loans one customer at a time. Some grow by expanding their operations into entirely new markets. Others grow by acquiring a competitor’s existing branches or overall operations. Most do so by pursuing a mix of options and opportunities as they present themselves.

To find out how some community banks have grown exceptionally well, Independent Banker identified the 50 ICBA member community banks that grew their assets the most over the past two decades. The statistics of these fastest-growing community banks are eye-popping, demonstrating that community banking is still growing and thriving all across the country.

Each community bank on this top-50 list has its own story of success to tell. Independent Banker presents the stories of five of these community banks, each offering insights into the reasons and strategies behind their exceptional growth and greater scale. Each also represents a sampling of the ongoing dynamism and growth of community banking as a whole.