A Hardworking Team


First Central Bank McCook
Cambridge, Neb.
ROAA in 2015: 1.87 percent
ROAE in 2015: 18.19 percent
Assets: $103 million
Retail locations: Five
Employees: 22
Founded: 1992
Website: www.firstcentral.com

By Don Moore

Behind any great success story are the people who make it all happen. At First Central Bank McCook, we credit our success to our outstanding staff and hardworking board of directors.

First Central Bank McCook is not just locally owned, our staff is locally grown. With a staff of 22, we take pride in the fact that almost all of us were born and raised in southwest Nebraska. By growing up in the small-town, farm-based communities we serve, we feel it is easy for us to understand the challenges our customers are experiencing and what they need from us.

Our directors are all hardworking southwest Nebraska natives who have a strong passion for our communities and community banking. They know our customers and want to see them succeed. The history and dedication our bank has for our community drives our great success in 2015 and in years past.

When First Central Bank McCook came to town in 1998, people came to us because they knew us and trusted us. Although our name was new, our faces were familiar. Now, 17 years later, this still rings true. Our local personnel bring a sense of comfort and security to both our new and longtime customers. In a time where all banks are offering the same products, finding a bank that you can trust and feel comfortable working with is a true gem. By offering our customers these services, we believe it has attributed to our success.

At First Central Bank McCook, we realize each customer is different. Our staff listens to our customers to understand their circumstances. Our loan programs are designed around providing customers the help they need when they need it. Being a community bank, we are able to work with the customer and come up with a solution that fits best. In the end, we have always stressed doing what is best for the customer, believing that those decisions will be the best for First Central Bank McCook.

At the end of the day, we feel our success as a community bank has been made possible by the support our communities have been willing to give us. We focus on providing customers the best service, making each experience they have with us positive. With a hardworking team, an experienced board and a supportive community, we foresee First Central Bank McCook having many successful years in community banking.

Don Moore (don@firstcentral.com) is president and CEO of First Central Bank of McCook.