What Do You Say


By Marvin E. “Mark” Singleton III

Citizens National Bank
of Texas Waxahachie, Texas
ROAA in 2015: 2.0 percent
ROAE in 2015: 17.89 percent
Assets: $727 million
Retail locations: 12
Founded: 1868
Website: www.cnboftexas.com

My father and grandfather and great- grandfather passed down a simple principle as parents and as the presidents of Citizens National Bank of Texas: Do What You Say You Are Going To Do.

The cornerstone of building a strong value system begins with having the integrity to stand solidly behind the promises you make to your customers, communities and employees. It is not just a responsibility a community bank president must possess; it must be the moral compass that everyone working at Citizens National Bank of Texas uses to dictate the direction they follow, a direction we have followed since 1868.

At CNB, we don’t believe all banks are the same. We may offer some of the same products and services, but we want to build relationships with our customers and work as partners. We stick by them in bad times and help them prosper in good times. We believe this kind of commitment to our customers, listening to their needs and goals, serving them at the first point of contact, and always bringing them the very best in technology to help safeguard their finances is what has led to our success.

We are fortunate to be located in Texas where the latest economic downturn was not felt as severely as other parts of the United States. During the downturn and recovery, we were able to work with our customers and steer them through some of the toughest times. Even with the regulatory stress put on banks during that time, we were able to manage our portfolio to the benefit of the bank and our customers. Because of that, CNB, our customers and our communities have seen great returns.

As we move forward in this new, stricter regulatory environment, it will be more difficult for community banks to survive due to regulatory cost burdens and challenges to access capital. Fortunately, within our communities and as we expand into new markets, there is still a strong need and positive response for community banks. We are able to meet the needs of our customers faster and more efficiently than most big banks.

My philosophy has always been we are here to do business with our customer’s kids, grandkids and great- grandkids. We cannot achieve that level of trust and comment from our customers without Doing What We Say We Are Going To Do. It is not a rah-rah speech tidbit used to fire up the troops; it is something we must show and prove to our customers every minute of every day.
As long as we stay true to our community banking principles, we will continue to build strong relationships with our customers and future

Marvin E. “Mark” Singleton III (mes3@cnboftexas.com) is president and CEO of Citizens National Bank of Texas. A fourth-generation banker, he started working for the bank in 1987.