Strong Credits, Top People

Mark Hewitt
Mark Hewitt

By Mark Hewitt

Clear Lake Bank & Trust Co. is a family-owned company that highly regards people management and our strategic planning process. A key factor of our bank’s success last year was its strong business-banking niche. Maintaining strong credit quality remains paramount for us as well as focusing energy on nontraditional income streams.

Because we believe attracting talent is key to our community bank’s top performance, we also have a very thorough hiring process. It is not uncommon for candidates to meet with up to 10 of our employees over two to three meetings before we fill a position.

Clear Lake Bank & Trust Co.
Clear Lake, Iowa
ROAA in 2015: 1.96 percent
Assets: $370 million
Retail locations: Four
Employees: 87
Founded: 1934

Once we hire a candidate, our bank makes every effort to include him or her in one of our many workgroups that focus on bankwide initiatives. These workgroups allow people to be included in discussions outside of their day-to-day work and get to know others in the company, which equates to job satisfaction.

The future of community banking is bright, though we need to continue to be a nimble participant in the dramatic changes facing the industry. Moving forward, it will be very important to develop strategies catering to the digital customer.

Mark Hewitt is the president and CEO of Clear Lake Bank & Trust Co.