Modern Banking, Old-Fashioned Values

Fun Together—HomeTown Bank of Alabama’s employees enjoy the bank’s holiday party.
Fun Together—HomeTown Bank of Alabama’s employees enjoy the bank’s holiday party.
HomeTown Bank of Alabama
Oneonta, Ala.
ROAA in 2015: 1.64 percent
Assets: $329 million
Retail locations: Three
Employees: 65
Founded: 2003

By Rachel Greene

Like our motto states, “HomeTown Bank is a modern bank with old-fashioned values.” As a community bank, our secret to success is not a secret at all. The key is in our community-oriented mindset and our group of passionate employees who are determined to provide superior customer service and rise above our competitors. Our customers and the communities in which we serve are at the core of everything we do. We earn the dedication of our customers by creating an environment that is both inviting and highly efficient.

We are able to deliver much of what a large corporate bank can, but with a unique, personal touch. What sets us apart from other banks in the community is our straightforward approach to banking and our customer engagement. There are no hidden fees on any of our offers. What you see is what you get, and our customers appreciate that. We are always searching for new ways to engage our customers. Whether through our communication center, face-to-face interaction, volunteering at local schools, expanding our locations, or reaching out through billboards and social media, we strive to be actively involved with our customer base.

Investing in our local communities is our keystone. We are motivated to be prosperous so that we are able to be generous. One major event that we host annually is a 5K race called the MidSummer’s Night Run. The proceeds from the race benefit schools throughout Blount County. HomeTown Bank also founded the Danny B Hicks Scholarship, whose committee manages a field day for schools called the Anything Goes battle of the schools each year. We are the premier sponsor for the Tom Bell Memorial Classic golf tournament, and the cumulative proceeds from the two events go toward the scholarship fund to award Blount County High School seniors each year. We have awarded more than $130,000 in scholarships since the fund’s inception in 2009.

HomeTown Bank’s success is also largely due to having a strong team of individuals working for the company. “First who, then what,” is an idea from business-success author Jim Collins that we live by. We believe it is vital for any business to have the right people in the right positions in order to prosper. Hardworking, talented people are valuable assets to a company, and we are always looking for the best individuals to join our staff.
A unique aspect about our company is that every employee is a banker. We do not operate on a strict hierarchy with elaborate titles. We are a team that works together on an equal playing field. As a team, healthy communication and disciplined thought have played a significant role in the performance of our bank. The ability to communicate internally ensures that we work effortlessly to increase productivity and suit our customers’ growing needs.

As a modern bank, staying current with technology and providing up-to-date services to our customer base is a high priority. The industry’s future is in technology; online banking and smartphone applications are the new norm for most banking needs. From the standpoint of a community bank, we believe this is a positive growth. Internet banking can be done from any site, which means a large number of physical locations is no longer necessary.
To be successful as we expand, we will continue to develop these cutting-edge programs, as well as physical locations, gradually and thoroughly as we have in the past, to ensure that we are serving our customers to the best of our ability.

Rachel Greene ( is a banker at HomeTown Bank of Alabama.