Knowing the Customer


By J. Doak Hartley

Industry State Bank is a community bank that has been serving its market area since 1911. Being named as a top-performing community bank is a great honor and a goal that we strive to achieve each and every year. What we are most proud of is our consistent high-performance numbers for many years, which includes growing market share and increasing profits and shareholder value.

Our community bank believes strongly that small Texas communities still respond very positively to traditional community banking. We enjoy being a leader in the communities we serve, we pay competitive rates on deposit products, and our lenders continue to maintain close relationships and are responsive to our borrowers. We really don’t know the metro-banking business where customers come in and there is no connection or relationship. The old adage “know your customer” has always been our basic philosophy and one that serves community banks well.

Industry State Bank
Industry, Texas
ROAA in 2015: 1.56 percent
ROAE in 2015: 14.63 percent
Assets: $692 million
Retail locations: Three
Employees: 41
Founded: 1911

Industry State Bank requires new customers to come in to our offices to open and establish their initial account. We call it our Cheeks in the Chair philosophy. New customers are required to come in, shake our hand, get to know us, and we them. We like to know who we are doing business with, and we think it is important that they are comfortable with us.
A large part of our success as a community bank is our great group of employees and our strong local board of directors. Our employees and directors live in and are involved in the communities we serve. Our most recent employee hires have been young people who want to stay and work in our hometowns, establish their own roots and make a positive impact. We try to maintain a good work environment while compensating our employees with very fair salaries and a strong benefits package. Good, experienced bankers who are happy and loyal are major reasons why we manage $17 million in assets per employee. Great employees have been a big component in the success of Industry State Bank’s growth, customer loyalty and performance.

There are no secrets to Industry State Bank’s performance success. Advances in technology make most electronic products affordable for all banks, so offering popular banking products and services to customers is not an issue. We have great employees and a strong local board. We know our customers. We maintain expense control, we have a time-tested investment philosophy, and we have continued to stay away from credit quality issues.

J. Doak Hartley ( is president of Industry State Bank.