Growth, Service and Flexibility

Asif Dakri
Asif Dakri

By Asif Dakri

This year marks the 110th anniversary for Wallis State Bank. Originally our community bank began with one location in Wallis, Texas, located approximately 40 miles west of Houston. It remained a single-location bank until the early 1990s. In the last 25 years, we have expanded into the metro areas of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and most recently Los Angeles.

We have the ability to serve large international companies all the way down to the small, startup business customer. Our vision, dedication, teamwork, community involvement and service to our customers have been our pillars that have supported our growth for more than a century.

Wallis State Bank
Wallis, Texas
ROAA in 2015: 2.11 percent
ROAE in 2015: 20.61 percent
Assets: $447 million
Retail locations: 10
Employees: 120
Founded: 1906

Wallis State Bank’s strong commercial lending abilities and our ability to connect with our customers and communities have been big factors in our bank’s success over the years. As the number-one Small Business Administration lender in the Houston region for the last two years and one of the larger SBA lenders in the country, our industry-specific knowledge has enabled us to be the bank of choice for certain industries.

Additionally, our internal management structure allows us to maintain the flexibility needed to address the needs of our customers as their needs change. We strongly believe that all customers have specific needs, and those needs typically will not fit into a predetermined “box” or product definition. Our ability to adjust our offerings to fit the needs of our customers has helped Wallis State Bank develop outstanding customer loyalty.

Our connection to our customer is vital to our ongoing success. This process begins with the customer’s initial contact with our bank and leads all the way to the CEO. The ability for a customer to have access to senior executives is something that we believe provides a benefit for our customers that simply does not exist at many banks today. We believe that we are not only our customers’ banker, but also their friend, advisor and facilitator. Our number-one goal is to always provide our customers a transparent and quick response.

As a community bank, Wallis State Bank also believes that we should be an active member in the communities we serve. Whether we are building houses for Habitat for Humanity, collecting food for the local food bank, or donating school supplies for the local elementary school, we are ready and eager to help.

In the coming years, we will continue to strengthen and form partnerships with our customers and our communities that have helped us achieve our goals and define who we are as a community bank.

Asif Dakri is the vice chairman and CEO of Wallis State Bank.