A Pioneering Equity Builder

James Beckwith
James Beckwith

By James Beckwith

What contributions are our customers and prospects making toward the revitalization of California’s Capital Region?

Answers to this question help us cultivate niche markets, inform growth strategies, enhance our dialogue with community partners and customers, and ensure Five Star Bank is an arbiter of purpose-driven banking. While community banks are in the business of making money and creating a return for shareholders, our focus extends far beyond our own bottom line. Five Star Bank actively contributes to the Capital Region’s knowledge economy while ensuring financial ecosystems are stable and sustainable. In this way, we enrich and augment our customers’ businesses and the fiscal health of our entire region.

Five Star Bank
Sacramento, Calif.
ROAA in 2015: 1.96 percent
ROAE in 2015: 22.14 percent
Assets: $811 million
Retail locations: Six
Employees: 59
Founded: 1999
Website: www.fivestarbank.com

How do we cultivate knowledge economies and financial ecosystems?

A robust synergy exists between community business banks, the customers they serve and the economies they cultivate. Our core competencies, competitive advantages and connectivity to customers will play an expanded role in the resurgence of our region. In the past, we’ve attributed our success to effectively managing our investment portfolio, maintaining conservative lending policies and controlling expenses, among many other crucial business decisions. These accomplishments still ring true and certainly affect our overall success. We realize that a broadened perspective on regional issues, active participation in our communities (including support of the arts, education and entrepreneurship), and our ability to influence decisions that impact our customers are equally important.

When cultivating niche markets, we ask ourselves: Do our customers’ products and services solve problems or fill critical needs? They do. Can we connect our customers to each other so they may leverage circles of influence and make an even greater impact on the rebirth of our region? We can. While we connect customers with the right tools to prosper (and, by extension, connect them to each other), it’s our shared vision for the Capital Region’s burgeoning economy that fuels forward movement.

Our construction-services customers have had a direct impact on the build-out of the new arena for our National Basketball Association team, the Sacramento Kings (one of the driving forces behind Sacramento’s renaissance). Our agricultural/farming customers have helped Sacramento stake its claim as the Farm to Fork Capital of the nation. Commercial real estate customers are changing the physical landscape of our region, and customers in the tech sector are leading Sacramento’s ascendance as the next technology hub. We’re proud that our sponsorship of numerous programs and organizations providing guidance to startups has enhanced the entrepreneurial spirit stirring our entire region.

We’re much more than community business bankers; we’re deeply rooted champions of local economic development and stewards of our community. Our customers are, too. Together, we’re equity builders proudly pioneering a new era of growth and sustainability in the Capital Region.

James Beckwith is president and CEO of Five Star Bank.