15 Minutes With—Amanda Rice


Amanda Rice
Executive Assistant
for the $165 Million-Asset
Century Bank of Georgia in Cartersville, Ga.

IB: What’s Cartersville like?

Rice: Cartersville is located about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. It’s a great place to live, work and raise a family. We have great parks, museums such as the Booth Western Art Museum and the Tellus Science Museum, and easy access to the lake and mountains. Some of the major employers include Shaw Industries, Anheuser-Busch, Toyo Tire and Georgia Power.

I moved to Cartersville more than 20 years ago and fell in love with the town right away.

IB: Century Bank was formed in 1998.

Rice: Century Bank of Georgia opened its main office in Cartersville in the summer of 2000. We have since expanded and now have locations in nearby Gordon and Polk counties. This year we are thrilled to be celebrating our 15th anniversary. Century Bank is a strong community bank and is a preferred Small Business Administration lender. Our goal is to offer our customers the highest level of customer service and build relationships that will last.

We are the only true community bank left in Cartersville. We take pride in that—that we are still a community bank and we survived when everything went down with the real estate market. But we are also, for the most part, geared toward helping small businesses. We want to provide small businesses with the lending they need to get started or grow their business.

IB: How did you come to be a community banker?

Rice: I have been a community banker now for nine years and have worked in several departments of the bank. I started at Century Bank in operations where I was responsible for proofing, balancing, notices, etc. From there, I went on to become a teller. After a year or so I went to loan operations, and then about six years ago I ended up as the assistant to our bank’s President and Chief Operating Officer David Caswell.

IB: Does having experience throughout the bank help you in your current position?

Rice: Absolutely, yes. It was a true benefit when I started over in operations. When I moved to the front side as a teller, my experience running proof and balancing helped me tremendously to be more efficient and have a better understanding of credits and debits in all areas. After that, I was ready to learn more about loans, which really interested me.

In loan operations I was responsible for working exceptions, doing daily and monthly balancing and reviewing loans. I truly enjoy working with loans and enjoyed being in operations, but I’m a “people person” and really missed that interaction. So when the executive assistant position became available, I knew I wanted to apply.
All of my prior experience in the bank prepared me for my new position as Mr. Caswell’s assistant. I feel that I’m still learning with new projects and situations that come up.

IB: What is your job like?

Rice: It can vary from day to day, but a good portion of my time consists of working on loans—from working with customers on the front end to gathering financials, ordering title work and appraisals, preparing memos and then, once the loan is processed, closing the loan. I also assist with stock transfers and shareholder accounting. Other tasks include scheduling meetings and appointments for Mr. Caswell, assisting with marketing and preparing certain month-end reports. I also serve on our bank’s technology steering committee and our website committee.

IB: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Rice: Definitely the customers! They are the best. I like being involved in different aspects of the bank. In my role as an executive assistant, I definitely get to handle a lot of different areas and by working so close with senior management, I learn so much.

IB: What’s involved in doing your job well?

Rice: The biggest thing is you have to be able to multitask. You can’t get frazzled, because sometimes you may be working on something and then something else comes along that’s going to take priority. You’ve got to go with the flow and be able to handle that. You also need to have good customer service skills because you interact with people all day long, whether by phone, email or in person.

IB: Involved in any new projects?

Rice: We actually just went through a core system conversion. Of course, there are always bumps in the road with a project of that size, but overall I would say a definite success! In celebration of completing the conversion and it being our 15th anniversary, we recently had a large company picnic. I was on the planning team for this and had such a good time preparing and taking part in the event.

IB: What’s life like outside the bank?

Rice: Outside of the bank I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m married with three kids and two dogs. We are constantly on the go with activities and sports.