Short on Content?


Four ideas for those dry social-media-posting days

By Ann Chen

You’ve started your social media presence, your staff is trained and things are going swimmingly. But then one day, you realize that suddenly you are out of content for a given period of time. No Customer Appreciation Day or Document Shred Fest in sight.

What do you do when you’ve used up all your content? Here are four ideas to get you started for those stretches of time when content is sparse.

1. Evergreen content. It’s always a good idea to create a file of evergreen content to throw in whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Some ideas may include employee spotlights, customer testimonials, history-related trivia or posts, or small-business profiles.

2. Take advantage of holidays and commemorative events. Nowadays, there’s always a National So-and-So Day or a major holiday just around the corner. However, it’s important to use these days in moderation and wisely as it relates to your community bank’s brand and content. But if you are short on time and content, this can be easily pulled together in a pinch.

3. Check local media and RSS feeds. News never sleeps, so take advantage of some local news happenings and make it an interesting community post. As a community bank, it’s a great way to share information about your local community and give your fans a heads-up about what’s going on. It also continues to solidify your bank as a hub of community information.

4. Ask a question, post an inspiring quote or just wish your fans a good day/week. Sometimes when all else fails and you need to post something, it doesn’t hurt just to be human and ask a question or share an inspiring thought. Ask a question that no one would expect (i.e., did you notice the different colored ink pens in the teller lines today?) or post a unique inspiring quote for the day. Be sure to attribute and give credit appropriately and bonus points if the quote came from an influencer in your community.

While posting and managing social media, there are always days when there’s way too much to post and days where it seems like there’s nothing going on. But a good social media manager will balance the two and be able to make it work.

Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s director, social media engagement. Follow her on Twitter @AnnJ_Chen.

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