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An interview with Ben Buehler, ICBA vice president, preferred services.

Meet ICBA’s Product and Service Contact
Ben Buehler
Email: ben.buehler@icba.org
Phone: (800) 422-8439

Ben Buehler is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with ICBA Preferred Service Provider® companies. His role is to research, develop and provide members with superior products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of community banks and to help them to increase their competitive advantage.

IB: How do ICBA product and service programs work?

Buehler: ICBA offers a wide variety of services to help community banks increase profitability, retain customers, expand their service offerings, and grow assets and core deposits. These services have unique benefits tailored for ICBA members, including special pricing, discounts and dividends. It is vital for ICBA to assist community banks to identify and develop new sources of revenue, control costs and maintain profitable investments. Having the best products and services will help community banks continue to effectively serve and compete in their communities.

ICBA Services Network®

ICBA Services Network subsidiary companies ICBA Bancard & TCM Bank®, ICBA Securities®, ICBA Mortgage®, ICBA Reinsurance® and ICBA Strategic Technology Solutions® provide direct access to key operational services and solutions. Each subsidiary is owned and managed by ICBA to deliver best-in-class programs, support and pricing for member community banks seeking operational efficiency and return on their membership investment.

  • ICBA Bancard & TCM Bank, N.A. program provides community banks affordable access to competitive credit cards, debit cards, merchant processing and other digital payment products and services. For more information, visit www.icbabancard.org.
  • ICBA Securities broker-dealer institutional investment program offers community banks a full range of investment opportunities and educational resources. For more information, visit www.icbasecurities.com.
  • ICBA Mortgage program provides community banks with access to various mortgage lending products and services, including secondary-market service companies. For more information, visit www.icbamortgage.com.
  • ICBA Reinsurance program provides access to credit life insurance products and revenues through a profitable captive reinsurance company arrangement. For more information, visit www.icbareinsurance.com.
  • ICBA Strategic Technology Solutions program provides IT management solutions to increase operational effectiveness. For more information, visit www.icba.org/icbasts.

Vendor Directory

ICBA’s Preferred Service Provider companies and Corporate Associate Members are listed in the ICBA Vendor Directory, where community banks can search vendors by name and product. Find the directory at www.icba.org/applications/solutionfinder.

IB: What is the difference between an ICBA subsidiary program and an ICBA Preferred Service Provider program?

Buehler: Through both its subsidiary and Preferred Service Provider programs, ICBA delivers community banks access to a wide range of tailored products and services. The association’s Preferred Service Provider programs are renowned for their outstanding preferred pricing for its member banks.

ICBA currently has 30 Preferred Service Providers offering community banks everything from insurance to funding.

IB: What kinds of savings can community banks receive from ICBA’s product and service programs?

Buehler: Earlier this year, ICBA announced that 1,200 community banks shared in a nearly $3 million dividend based on the group experience in the ICBA-Travelers insurance program during the 2013 program year.

IB: How can member community banks get the most out of ICBA’s product and service programs?

Buehler: ICBA members can get the most out of the programs by leveraging the additional support offered by service providers. For example, members participating in the iHelp student loan and loan consolidation program have access to marketing support materials that promote and educate community bank customers about student loans. Another example is members participating in the QwickRate marketplace for non-brokered funding and investing. They have access to additional online tools to more efficiently manage their portfolios, including the QwickRate Cost of Funds Calculator. The calculator evaluates the true cost of a local CD special. These are jsut a few examples of how service providers support the success of ICBA members.

IB: What is something community bankers may not know, but should know, about ICBA’s product and service programs?

Buehler: ICBA’s product and service programs are overseen by a committee of community bankers, the ICBA Bank Services Committee. The committee is comprised of community bankers from around the country who meet regularly to review services and provide ICBA with valuable insights on community bank needs and industry trends.

In addition, ICBA and the committee are proactive and continually researching and developing new services.

Meanwhile, as innovation continues to change the financial service industry, the association is working to make sure our members have access to value-added services to compete. ICBA is continually expanding its product and service programs for its members. Thus far in 2015, we have launched six new member service programs with new and existing service providers.   

IB: How can community banks learn more about or stay up-to-date on ICBA’s product and service programs?

Buehler: If you’re looking at a new service, call ICBA or visit www.icba.org/psp. We have a large roster of providers offering community banks solutions for challenges and opportunities ranging from compliance to payments. ICBA can help guide its members to solutions that are right for their particular needs.

In addition, ICBA members should be on the lookout for information about various programs in the association’s member publications, including the monthly mailer, Services You Can Trust, which highlights ICBA’s Preferred Service Provider program developments.