One Size Doesn’t Fit All


An ICBA Preferred Service Provider program for flexible, efficient customer relationship management software

By Andrea Knotts Bona

Designed for bankers by bankers, 360 View, a customer relationship management software platform developed by inBusiness Services Inc. in Nashville, Tenn., enables community banks to cultivate more profitable relationships with their customers. The 360 View software, available to ICBA members at a special discount through a Preferred Service Provider program, was developed to help community banks be more responsive to customer and prospect needs by better managing and coordinating back-office and front-office activities.

Those activities could include everything from managing customer referrals and cross-sells; generating reports about customer profitability, customer segmentation and attrition; and developing intelligent prospecting and marketing lists, employee incentive plans, and customer and product on-boarding campaigns.

“Ultimately, the long-term benefit of using 360 View is the bank gains efficiencies and increases profits, as the bank has access to the information to cultivate more profitable relationships.”
—David Acevedo, 360 View national sales director

“An immediate win for a community bank implementing 360 View is to gain an instant view of every relationship the customer maintains with the bank,” says David Acevedo, 360 View senior vice president and national sales director. “They can tell how profitable and/or unprofitable customers are, and how they can make the unprofitable relationship more profitable. Ultimately, the long-term benefit of using 360 View is the bank gains efficiencies and increases profits, as the bank has access to the information to cultivate more profitable relationships.”

The 360 View is scalable CRM software that works with a bank’s marketing software, sales contact software, profitability software, goal and incentive software, and call-center software into one technology-driven solution. Early on, inBusiness Services recognized that no two community banks are the same, so the company built its CRM tool to be flexible on many levels. A bank can host the 360 View software behind its own firewall, or it can choose to access it over the Internet through an ASP hosting option provided by the developer. In addition, the system’s features can easily be scaled down or up based on a community bank’s unique needs and desired price point.

Oak Ridge, N.J.-based, Lakeland Bank, with $3.5 billion in assets, purchased 360 View in 2007 with the goal to streamline business processes for both its front and back offices. The bank also wanted to drive the sense of urgency and implement a more robust sales process, says Ellen Lalwani, the bank’s senior vice president of retail sales. “Really, what we were trying to do was get 350-plus retail employees to engage in timely communications with the back-office operations to meet our customers’ needs efficiently and effectively,” she says. “At the end of the day, it is all about customer satisfaction.”

Lalwani says Lakeland Bank appreciates that 360 View’s developers are former bankers who understand the sales and service information needs of community banks. InBusiness Services’ relationship with its community bank customers is collaborative, resulting in solutions to real-world CRM problems.

“We go back to request revisions or additions to 360 View all the time,” Lalwani says. “One of the biggest benefits is the bank’s ability to modify 360 View to meet a business need on an ad hoc basis. Not all banks operate in the same way: it is important to work with a vendor that doesn’t expect you to modify your banking processes to meet its needs.”

Andrea Knotts Bona ( is ICBA vice president of marketing.