Four New Year’s Resolutions


Happy 2015! Time for New Year’s resolutions. Why not add a couple of social media–related goals to your list? Here are a few to consider:

1. Test your online presence. Google your community bank name and see what pops up on the first page. Your bank may have a common name and is not the first one to show up. Either way, sign up for Google My Business, a service that allows businesses to secure and boost their online SEO. It’s free! If everything pops up as intended (bank website, social media presences, loan officers, etc.), then you can check this resolution off your list.

2. Attend a social media event in your area. Whether it’s related to banking or not, such events can generate fresh contacts and ideas to improve your bank’s social media presence. Listen to the speakers or just look around to see what others are doing on social and learn about what’s up-and-coming locally.

3. Join a virtual conversation. Whether it’s a Google Hangout or a Twitter chat, sign on and see how they operate and what’s being discussed. If possible, join a chat that you may have expertise in (such as financial literacy chats or small-business financing). You may be able to add in an insight here and there.

4. Get in the game. Start a professional social media presence, or dust off one you’ve started or established.

  • If you haven’t started a professional social media presence, start one today. Sign up for Twitter, follow several industry influencers and send your first tweet (if you mention @ICBA, we’ll follow you). Or join LinkedIn: Polish your online profile, join some groups and comment on interesting statuses or articles.
  • If you’ve already established a presence, take it to the next level. Tweet industry-related topics or write an article on LinkedIn and post it to Pulse (LinkedIn’s professional version of NewsFeed).

You may not see the results of your labor within a couple of days, but over time boosting the presence of your community bank and yourself on social media may be the tipping point that generates significantly more business relationships for your community bank in 2015.

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Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s director, social media engagement. Follow her on Twitter @AnnJ_Chen.

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