Three Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter

By Ann Chen

3 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Tweet
1. Did I include all the relevant hashtags and @ mentions?
2. Have I added the appropriate links?
3. Is everything spelled right and grammatically correct?

Ever wonder how some Twitter handles gained thousands of followers?

Unless you’re a celebrity, public figure or well-known company, you won’t gain thousands of followers overnight. But the good news is there are some best practices to use to maximize your Twitter presence.

1. Use relevant hashtags and @ mentions in every tweet. To gain new eyeballs on your Twitter account, maximize each tweet and get people to notice you, use the appropriate hashtags—which ties your tweet to the larger conversation—and @ mentions for all related accounts. The general rule is to not include more than four or five hashtags or @ mentions in each tweet, but generally each tweet should have at least one.

Finding the right hashtags to use takes a little more effort and searching, but can also drastically increase your Twitter handle visibility. Search for key words and see what other tweeters are using. Also, it takes a second to look up a Twitter profile in the search box, but it may just gain you a new follower after you mention him or her.

2. Create a brand for yourself and gain credibility. Give people a reason to want to follow what you have to say. Maybe you’re a small-business expert giving tips on how to run a business, or maybe you’re constantly involved in community activities and folks can look to you for major happenings in the area. Or maybe you like reading and commenting on the latest banking industry and economic news. Either way, Twitter is an extension of who you are as a community banker.

There’s many insights you can offer, and Twitter is a great channel to share these insights. If you consistently tweet fresh content, people will want to follow you. Example: Check out ICBA Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Lorence’s marketing and leadership musings on Twitter at, marked with the hashtag #Chrisisms.

3. Tweet regularly. The more you tweet, the more visibility you have and the more followers you get. Regularly tweeting is a variable term depending on your priorities and time commitments, but the general rule of thumb of consistency still applies.

A tweet’s lifespan is literally a couple of minutes, so the more you’re tweeting, the more you show up on people’s radars. Generally, tweeting and engaging with others once a day is a good place to start. However, once you notice different activities and news happening around you, you may automatically turn to Twitter to share.

It’s also OK to share the same piece of content in several differently worded tweets to ensure that people checking Twitter at different times can catch it.

Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s director, social media engagement. Follow her on Twitter @AnnJ_Chen.

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