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A new ICBA member program allows community banks to more easily outsource human resources and other functions

By Ed Avis

The list of manage tasks community bank executives must accomplish is long, and a new ICBA Preferred Service Provider program aims to remove human resources management from that list. The ICBA member program with Insperity Inc. offers access to outsourced human resources services such as payroll and employee performance reviews, and it gives community banks the opportunity to resell those services to their own customers.

“Outsourcing is an attractive option for bankers because it enables them to spend less time focused on the administrative aspects of operating their institutions and more time to develop client relationships,” says Nate Olsen, director of channel programs for Insperity.

Human resources functions have been outsourced for decades. Insperity, based in Houston, began offering such services 28 years ago. The company provides services to more than 100,000 clients with more than 2 million employees. It had $2.3 billion in revenue in 2013 and operates from 57 offices throughout the United States. Hundreds of banks are among the company’s current clients.

Insperity is a professional employer organization, which means it becomes the employer of record of its clients’ employees. This arrangement allows the company to efficiently offer various human resources products and services. “Under this arrangement, our company assumes or shares many of the responsibilities of being an employer and provides clients and employees with access to a wide range of human resources benefits and services not typically found at small businesses,” Olsen explains.

The ICBA Preferred Service Provider program with Insperity offers member community banks a wide range of benefits. In addition to payroll services, Insperity offers time and attendance services, employee performance reviews, staff recruiting services and employment screening. It also offers access to services such as administrative bookkeeping, simple expense management software, the management of health care, worker’s compensation and other employee insurance programs. It can also provide 401(k) programs to community banks and their customers.

When a community bank participates in the ICBA Preferred Service Provider program, an Insperity business performance advisor will arrange for an initial consultative visit. This advisor will help the bank’s leaders identify which services and products make the most sense for the bank to outsource, Olsen says. The next step would be to develop a plan to implement any outsourcing a bank might move forward with.

The advisor can also consult with the community bank on how it might resell Insperity’s services to the bank’s business customers.

Details of the compensation ICBA members would receive for reselling Insperity’s services would be provided during the initial consultation with the Insperity advisor. A special turnkey marketing program has been developed for member banks to promote Insperity’s services to their clients. The program provides a variety of information and co-branded marketing support for participating community banks, including a microsite, email campaigns, articles, webinars and social media resources.

“By fulfilling a basic need of all small businesses, ICBA member banks can expand the value that they provide to their customers and deepen the symbiotic relationships that allow local communities to flourish,” said Dan Clancy, ICBA executive vice president of services.

Digging Deeper

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Ed Avis is a freelance writer in Illinois.