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Financial Crime Detection

ICBA has selected Verafin as a new Preferred Service Provider company to help banks comply with Bank Secrecy Act regulations while stopping terrorism and other forms of illegal activities. Through a cloud-based network connecting thousands of financial institutions, Verafin uses behavior-based analytics to identify potentially fraudulent or illegal transactions. The company’s alert system is designed to stop criminal transactions before they’re completed.

Fair Lending Analytics

Trupoint Partners in Charlotte, N.C., has released a new version of its fair lending compliance statistical analytics software system. Through a dashboard system, the company’s Trupoint Analytics 2.0 software allows banks to monitor and regenerate reports on lending activities ranging from marketing to underwriting and pricing to potential disparate treatment and disparate impact.

Cash Recycler

Glory Global Solutions in Lisle, Ill., has introduced a new cash recycling machine to help automate cash transactions at the teller line. The company says its compact Vertera ETD cash recycler, designed to replace a bank teller’s traditional cash drawer, eliminates manual cash counting by authenticating, counting, storing and recycling deposited banknotes. The machine also speeds day-end balancing.


Third-Party Small-Dollar Lending

QCash Financial LLC in Olympia, Wash., is allowing financial institutions to use their own branding while serving as a retail channel for the company’s small-dollar loans. The company’s QCash platform enables financial institutions to offer their customers small-dollar, short-term loans that it funds and issues. Consumers can access those loans online, through a mobile device or from a branch.

QCash Financial’s loan terms are configurable to meet the goals of individual conduit financial institutions. The company says its loan fees and interest rates are significantly lower than payday lenders. It also says its loans are compliant with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations and meet Community Reinvestment Act guidelines.

Mobile Business Banking

D3 Banking in Omaha, Neb., has introduced mobile access to its small-business banking platform. The mobile access offers a form of management control that allows a bank’s client to approve or receive transaction alerts on a mobile device. In addition to money-movement functions, the platform can generate preformatted cash flow and income statements, current and time-over-time analysis of expenses and income, as well as customizable budgets for bank commercial clients.

Digital Board Books

Passageways in Lafayette, Ind., an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, has introduced new productivity features to its digital board book platform. In addition to faster computer processing, the company’s OnBoard platform has new features that include a secure archive for board documents, an easier-reading display of task notifications, and a chronological “meeting rolling” option for reviewing documents for upcoming and past meetings. Another feature, an ROI Calculator, also displays the number of trees saved when directors use the system and avoid printed documents.


Surcharge-Free ATM Network

ICBA and MoneyPass have extended their Preferred Service Provider program to continue providing member community banks and their customers access to a nationwide network of 24,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Since becoming an ICBA Preferred Service Provider in 2012, MoneyPass has continually expanded its nationwide network of ATMs that have drawn more than 30 million cards. It also has added features such as deposit sharing, a customizable online locator for bank websites and free marketing tools.

Instant-Issue Card Systems

Entrust Datacard in Minneapolis released a monitoring and control function with its instant card-issue system. The new Web-based function allows banks to manage and secure in-branch issuance devices in real time from a single dashboard at a central location. The company says managing card-issuance devices between branches through emails and phone calls can be costly and time-consuming and can hinder customer service.

Mortgage Disclosure Compliance

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services in Minneapolis has created self-directed training guides to help lenders prepare TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure documents. The company, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider for compliance software systems, has developed summaries, diagrams and illustrations to teach and speed compliance under the rule.

Personal Teller Kiosk

Source Technologies in Charlotte, N.C., released a new version of its personal teller machines. The company says its new 8-Series Personal Teller Machine kiosk is engineered specifically for retail banking transactions. Tied into a bank’s teller and core software systems, the self-service machine is designed to handle a wide range of self-service retail transactions, freeing bank staff to provide higher-level consultative service to customers.

Offering expanded cash-handling capabilities, the kiosk accepts and dispenses cash and gives consumers the ability to choose denominations to withdraw an exact amount of cash from their checking or savings account. It also enables banks to generate customized messages, such as overdraft fee notices, relevant to each customer.

Digital Payments

Prairie Cloudware in Omaha, Neb., offers a retail payments system that permits a bank’s consumers to make a variety of payments from smartphones, tablets and personal computers. The company says its Digital Payment Guardian system allows point-of-sale transactions to be made safely and conveniently online or in person with funds from a demand deposit account or a debit, credit or gift card. The system also generates transaction services, such as balance summaries, transaction histories, overdraft alerts, and special purchase discounts and rewards.


Asset-Liability Management

CetoLogic LLC in Atlanta has introduced asset-liability simulation software. The software, called pALMs, evaluates what impact potential changes to assets or liabilities would have on a bank’s overall balance-sheet performance. The software-as-a-service application can generate “what if” interest rate, liquidity and market risk scenarios. Operating from data imported from a bank’s current general ledger, loan, deposit and investment systems, the software can provide detailed and graphical summary reports, as well as possible risk management responses.

Digital Account Opening

Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd., an international technology firm with U.S. headquarters in Broomfield, Colo., has developed a software platform that can automatically populate data from various personal documents to speed and ease a customer’s bank account opening process. The software, Avoka Transact, can extract relevant data from a document, such as a driver’s license, or a social media page, such as a LinkedIn profile. It also allows users to start, stop and resume an application process on different computer devices.


Commercial Mobile RDC

Wausau Financial Systems, a Deluxe Corp. company in Wausau, Wis., introduced a commercial mobile remote deposit capture system. The company reports that its system allows businesses to capture and transmit deposits, payments and related documents, such as invoices or agreements, through their mobile devices. The system has a risk- monitoring function to safeguard customers’ transactions. It also allows businesses to bundle multiple payments, deposits and documentation in a single transaction.

Mobile Authentication

A San Diego company, Mitek, is offering a mobile ID system designed to allow a customer to scan a photo of his or her driver’s license with a mobile device to help confirm his or her identity. The company says its system, called Photo Verify, can quickly determine whether a driver’s license presented is authentic or has been altered.

Mobile Banking App

D3 Technology Inc. in Omaha, Neb., has introduced a mobile banking app for financial institutions to deploy that supports new features such as push text alerts and geolocation functions. The app permits accountholders to quickly view account balances without requiring additional authentication. It also uses templates that maintain a consistent user experience across different devices.


Mobile Banking

Software provider Fiserv Inc. in Brookfield, Wis., released a mobile banking system designed for businesses. Providing mobile banking and payment services through downloadable smartphone apps, the Mobiliti Business platform offers functions such as transaction reviews, mobile check deposit, funds transfers, transaction notifications and approvals, and multifactor authentication security. The system is integrated with Fiserv’s current online business banking service, and the company has plans to integrate the mobile system with other services.

Automating Customer Fees

EnableSoft Inc. in Orlando, Fla., is offering a software system that automates the assessments of customer service and penalty fees. The company says that, in addition to earning more fee revenue by reducing waivers of customer fee assessments, its Foxtrot software allows financial institutions to apply consistent standards in assessing customer fees and frees bank staff from making repetitive customer fee-assessment decisions.

Mobile Banking

Technology services company D+H in Lake Mary, Fla., and Malauzai Software Inc. in Austin, Texas, are working together to develop mobile banking services for community banks. Both companies offer mobile banking software for community banks, but their collaboration will allow the companies to work together to develop mobile systems in the future.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking system provider Q2 Software Inc. in Austin, Texas, is collaborating with another company to enhance its system’s security features. It’s working with Easy Solutions Inc. in Miami to add fraud intelligence and extra cyber protection and browsing security to its mobile system.


ICBA Program Updates

BOLI Consulting
ICBA and M Benefit Solutions have added compensation consulting to an existing Preferred Service Provider member program helping community banks access bank-owned life insurance. The consulting services help community bank executives develop a fair and consistent executive compensation program, as well as pay programs for their employees.

Automated Stress Tests
ICBA has expanded its Preferred Service Provider program for non-brokered CD funding and investing with QwickRate to give community banks pricing access to the company’s automated Credit Stress Test analysis function. The company’s stress-test reporting assesses how major and local economic changes could affect a bank’s earnings and capital ratios.

Instant-Issue Cards
ICBA has expanded its Preferred Service Provider relationship with card manufacturer CPI Card Group to provide community banks greater access to the company’s patented Card@Once instant-issue solution. The instant-issue capability allows community banks to provide a customer with a fully personalized debit and credit card within moments of the customer’s request.

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ICBA Member Programs Digital Product Suite

ICBA has expanded its Preferred Service Provider program with ProfitStars to provide community banks greater pricing access to the company’s digital product suite. This includes iPay Consumer Bill Pay, a bill-pay solution; iPay Business Bill Pay, a bill-pay solution for small businesses; BillSimple, for business receivables management; and Banno Mobile, a mobile banking app with account aggregation.

Mortgage Lending Software

ICBA has extended its Premier Value Provider relationship with D+H to continue to deliver member community banks discounted start-up costs and preferred pricing for the company’s Web-based lending platform. The end-to-end lending platform, Mortgagebot, allows community bank borrowers to submit mortgage applications online. The system also simplifies mortgage processing and reduces regulatory compliance for banks overall.

Customer Relationship Management

ICBA has extended and expanded its Preferred Service Provider relationship with inBusiness Services. Extending the ICBA-inBusiness relationship provides member banks with special pricing for 360 View, the company’s customer relationship management system for community banks. Expanding the relationship involves obtaining member banks special pricing for the company’s SmartPops solution, a Web and desktop software program that delivers relevant marketing and service messages to bank employees when they interact with customers.

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Digital Board Reports

ICBA has selected Passageways LLC in Lafayette, Ind., as a Preferred Service Provider of digital board books. The company’s digital portal, OnBoard, helps banks distribute and manage materials electronically. It also allows board members to navigate, search and make notes on documents in a paperless environment.

The ICBA-Passageways program also helps community banks access the company’s intranet system designed for banks. The system, called Employee Portal, offers easily configurable functions like help desks, learning management and lobby management modules streamlining staff work and operations.


Device Security Tracking

Absolute Software Corp. has added a Google Maps function to its computer security technology, allowing companies to track missing computer devices with the geolocation system. The Vancouver, Canada, company’s geolocation capabilities include recent and historical location information for a device, as well as the ability to alert companies if their devices move outside a specific geographical area they define.

News Search Engine

Source Technologies Inc., a financial technology company in Charlotte, N.C., has released a news media search engine to help financial institutions research the backgrounds of their customers and potential borrowers. The system, called RiskPartner, uses defined risk-relevant information to spot suspicious activity related to a company or individual. The system, which the company says can be used for “know your customer,” anti-money laundering due diligence, can deliver updates as automated early warnings or be used as a first screening resource of potential customers.


Pandemic Planning Guide

From Ebola to Enterovirus D68, outbreaks of communicable diseases have been all over the news lately. With so many health concerns swirling around, it is important to remember the best defense against any widespread illness is preparedness. To help community banks prepare for any possible outbreak of diseases, ICBA Preferred Service Provider Agility Recovery has developed a pandemic preparedness white paper. The paper, titled “Gone Viral,” provides actionable advice on what you can do to protect your employees, clients and organization. 


Mortgage Lending

D+H in Lake Mary, Fla., and Optimal Blue LLC in Plano, Texas, have integrated their online mortgage origination and mortgage loan origination platforms. The linked platforms are designed to allow lenders to more easily access data related to both stages of the mortgage lending process. The systems will be synchronized to provide current information from both platforms, the companies report.
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Mortgage Underwriting

Fannie Mae is releasing a new software application called Collateral Underwriter that helps banks to maintain the quality of their home appraisals. The software taps a database of property records, market data and proprietary analytical models to analyze key components of an appraisal, including its data integrity, comparable selections, adjustments and reconciliation.


Multichannel Account Access

With D3 Technology Inc. in Omaha, Neb., has issued a digital access platform to allow banks to provide their customers with a uniform “omnichannel” platform access through online, smartphone and tablet channels. In addition to a uniform customer experience through digital channels, the D3 Banking platform provides individual bank branding as well as financial analytics for account holders.

ICBA Celebrates 10-Year Milestone

ICBA recognized the 10th anniversary of its Preferred Service Provider relationship with M Benefit Solutions—Bank Strategies, a provider of executive and director benefits, compensation and bank-owned life insurance solutions for community banks. The ICBA–M Benefit program offers community banks executive and director benefit plan design and administration, and the effective use of BOLI.


Facilities Maintenance

Bank facilities service company J&P Site Experts in Wauwatosa, Wis., added outdoor banners and banner stands for drive-through lanes and entrances to its signage menu. The company offers a variety of customized programs to maintain and clean equipment, including ATMs, vaults and safe deposit boxes.


Currency Machine

Money handling system provider Cummins Allison in Mt. Prospect, Ill., introduced a new currency scanner and sorter machines. The company’s new JetScan iFX i400 scanner and sorter can be configured with three to 17 pockets, which helps achieve greater productivity for currency processing, and with more advanced counterfeit detection technology.


Loan Portfolio Reviews

A start-up New Orleans company, Loan Evaluation Services LLC, is conducting independent loan portfolio reviews for community banks, including portfolios of banks that the company’s bank client might be looking to acquire.

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Card Delivery System

Datacard Group in Minnetonka, Minn., introduced a new card delivery system. The company says its DX5100 system enables financial institutions to adapt their card production and delivery processes to their particular needs for an inline, stand-alone or hybrid delivery model.



New products and services

Home Lending: ICBA Mortgage Solutions Offers Jumbo Fixed-Rate Product

ICBA Mortgage Solutions, ICBA’s residential mortgage services corporation for community banks, has added a jumbo fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage product to its correspondent lending products menu. Product highlights feature loan amounts up to $2 million with 15- and 30-year fixed or 5/1 and 7/1 ARMs. Community banks that participate in the program enjoy no-cross-selling guarantees and in-house underwriting.

Funds Transfers

D3 Banking in Omaha, Neb., offers a new payments system designed to give banks greater control in managing their customers’ account-to-account transfers, person-to-person payments and electronic bill payments. In addition to lowering banks’ transaction costs and providing simpler and better-branded transactions for customers, the company says its Data Drive Digital system will allow banks to retain transaction data across different digital devices to deepen their customer relationships.

IT Compliance

Computer Services Inc. in Paducah, Ky., has introduced a new compliance service to help banks develop and maintain up-to-date information-technology policies, procedures and forms. The company says its WatchDOG Elite Policies and Procedures service helps banks standardize and manage the process and formatting of their IT policies and procedures.

Staff Scheduling

Financial Management Solutions Inc. in Alpharetta, Ga., has added employee forecasting and scheduling capability to its branch staff reporting and scheduling system. The company says the change helps banks more flexibly accommodate the scheduling preferences of their employees, including for the various possible roles of cross-trained workers, while meeting customer-service needs according to branch traffic patterns.

Compliance Management Software Platform

ICBA has selected Continuity Control Inc., a compliance management software system provider in New Haven, Conn., as a Preferred Service Provider. This new relationship delivers special pricing discounts for ICBA member banks to access the company’s comprehensive compliance automation system.

Continuity Control’s software platform is engineered to reduce regulatory time, cost and risk for community banks. For the first time, the system allows community banks to automate the entire regulatory lifecycle, including policy management, audit and risk management, vendor management, annual strategy and planning, and ongoing monitoring of new regulatory changes.

“We are very excited to bring Continuity Control’s platform to ICBA members because it provides bankers with specific steps to meet the constantly evolving compliance requirements, allowing them to prioritize customer relationships and banking services,” says Dan Clancy, ICBA executive vice president of services.


Auto Loan Insurance
ICBA Reinsurance, ICBA’s credit life and disability insurance service program for community banks, offers an enhanced retail insurance option for a bank’s auto loan borrowers that helps protect new vehicles against theft and damage. The product, called AutoShield GAP, pays the difference between what an auto insurance company will pay for a damaged or stolen vehicle and what the remaining balance on the borrower’s car loan would be, protecting both the borrower and his or her lender.

The insurance option is provided through an alliance with Transamerica and Frost Financial Services Inc. To learn more, contact ICBA Reinsurance at (888) 790-6625.

Mortgage Commission Calculator

Advantage Systems Inc. in Irvine, Calif., added a software module for calculating loan officer commissions within its Accounting for Mortgage Bankers accounting solution. The software module enables lenders to automate the calculation of commissions and bonuses for their mortgage originators. Commissions and bonuses can be set up to be calculated by loan officer and loan type on either a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule.

ICBA and Travelers Insurance Program Dividend
More than 1,200 ICBA member community banks will share a $2.3 million policyholder dividend for participating in the Travelers SelectOne ICBA insurance program during the 2012 program year. It is the 12th consecutive dividend distributed through the program that rewards ICBA members for successfully managing their property and casualty insurance exposures.

The Travelers SelectOne ICBA insurance program offers a wide range of insurance coverage options, from general liability to financial institution bonds and bankers’ professional liability to employment practices liability, lender liability, and cyber liability and identity fraud expense reimbursement. The program also provides community banks access to the Travelers network of agents and brokers.

For the past 30 years the ICBA Travelers program has generated more than $43 million in policyholder dividends to community banks.

ICBA Preferred Provider Milestones

ICBA has recognized milestone anniversaries of two member Preferred Service Provider programs. The association recently celebrated the 10th year of working with the MoneyPass Network to help community banks to provide their customers access to more than 23,000 surcharge-free ATMs distributed in banks and retail centers throughout the nation. The association also recently celebrated the fifth year of working with BancVue Ltd. to help community banks access the company’s Kasasa brand of rewards checking account programs.


Coin Counting Machine

Cummins-Allision Corp. has released a new self-service coin counter, dubbed the Money Machine 2. The device features an expanded capacity to sort 16 bags of coins, providing what the company calls the industry’s largest bag-handling capacity. That 72,000-coin capacity makes it easier for banks to manage their coin collections and pickups. The machines also have new technology and design to allow for more accurate and quieter coin counting.

Online Asset Sales Marketplace

The Promontory Interfinancial Network LLC has launched a nationwide online marketplace called Bank Assetpoint that enables community banks to sell and purchase their loans and assets. The company’s beta release of the sales platform, which opened last February, has assisted more than 4,000 participants—1,000 of which were community banks.

Bank Assetpoint allows community banks to list assets for sale directly or through a real estate broker or loan sale advisor. By posting assets for sale on the exchange, banks are able to promote a single listing to a large pool of potential buyers that may not have had access to the opportunity previously.

ICBA and MoneyPass Mark 10-Year Milestone

ICBA recently acknowledged and helped celebrate the 10-year milestone of the MoneyPass providing community banks with a surcharge-free ATM network across the nation. Today, the ICBA-MoneyPass Preferred Service Provider program provides community banks with special pricing to allow their customers to access more than 23,000 surcharge-free ATMs.