How the Cloud Can Deliver the Transformation Your Customers Are Looking For

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Facing the Challenge of the Connected Customer
Along with the rest of the financial services industry, community banks are a host of new challenges. Customer trust and loyalty have been weakened, as technology has given customers choices they’ve never had before, including the freedom of mobile devices and the influence of social networks.

Technology has also created new solutions that help community banks rise to meet these challenges, and, in the process, usher in a new business model for banking.


The Solution: Become a Connected Customer Bank

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The big-box bookstore. The video store. More recently, taxis. The business landscape is filled with companies upended by a competitor with disruptive, customer-centric technology.

For banks to thrive in this environment, and drive disruption instead of experiencing it, they need to become connected customer banks.

It means a shift away from a product or line of business approach, to an approach oriented around customers to make their experience, and that of bank employees who serve them, simpler, faster, easier and more efficient.


Connect People, Data and Processes with the Customer at the Center

The connected customer bank starts with a unified, holistic, 360-degree view of the customer, with real-time visibility. It helps bank employees see opportunities that are real, prioritized and relevant to their role. They can collaborate on deals they refer to colleagues, and track and manage leads more accurately and efficiently. Most importantly, teams can respond to customer and prospect needs quickly and appropriately.


Learn How the Right Solutions Transformed Kennebunk Savings Bank

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