ICBA Makes a Splash for Community Banking Month

Notable Quotes

On the importance of community banks …
“How our nation’s community banks fare in the future will have a significant impact on not just our banking system, but also on our culture, our economy, consumers and the vitality of thousands of smaller communities and rural areas across the country.”
—ICBA President and CEO Camden Fine

On megabank market funding advantages …
“This implicit subsidy distorts competition among banks, can favor excessive risk-taking, and may ultimately entail large costs for taxpayers.”
—International Monetary Fund report

On court rejecting even lower interchange price caps …
“We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the Durbin price caps and the Fed’s interpretation hurt consumers, hand billions of dollars to the biggest merchants and do absolutely nothing to lower prices.”
—ICBA Chairman John H. Buhrmaster

On the implementation of widespread same-day payments clearing …
“The emergence of online and mobile channels has to make us rethink the pipes behind the payments and see if we can improve them. If you are using antiquated plumbing, somebody is going to go to a house with up-to-date plumbing.”
—Cary Whaley, ICBA payments and technology expert

ICBA made a big splash in Washington for Community Banking Month. Displaying hundreds of white and purple advertising banners with catchy messages like “Community Banks: We’re in Your Neighborhood,” “GR8 service w a 🙂 #BankLocally” and “Taking care of small business,” the association promoted a variety of upbeat community banking messages throughout Washington, D.C., and Capitol Hill during April.

The hundreds of banners that were part of the can’t-miss public awareness campaign blanketed many of the city’s Metro buses and subway cars, and they nearly covered the Capital South Metro rail station serving Capitol Hill. Many encouraged consumers to consider the importance of community banks to local economies, to check out ICBA’s Go Local initiative and to find a community bank on ICBA’s Community Bank Locator online search tool.

The banners also remained posted throughout the ICBA Washington Policy Summit, when about 1,000 community bankers visited their members of Congress to discuss key community banking policy priorities in person.

“Hometown banking has thrived for more than 100 years thanks to loyal customers who believe in the community bank business model,” ICBA Chairman John Buhrmaster said in a national press release the association issued for Community Banking Month. “The future for community banking is bright, and I encourage everyone to Go Local and realize the difference that a community bank can make in their lives now and for years to come.”