Tweeting at ICBA’s convention


By Ann Chen

Next month, ICBA’s Community Banking Live 2014 annual convention will be in full swing, and we are excited to continue the conversation virtually through social media. To be plugged into the conversation, here are some tips and tricks on how to live tweet like a pro:

1. Research all relevant Twitter handles beforehand. For example, if you know you will be attending certain workshops, look up the speaker and his or her company’s Twitter handles. This way, you will more likely be retweeted by other convention-goers and the company when you mention them in your live tweets.

ICBA makes this easy by providing all general session speakers, workshop speakers and relevant Twitter handles in one place. Go to and click on “Who to Follow” in the “Engage” tab.

2. Copy all relevant hashtags and @ mentions in your smartphone before the session begins. For example, if you were live tweeting a session on compliance taught by XYZ company, you would likely copy something such as: @XYZcompany @NameofSpeaker #ICBALive14 #compliance. This way, you can easily tack this information effortlessly at the end or beginning of your tweets. This also frees you up to concentrate on the session instead of typing hashtags and mentions.

Tip: Always remember to include the convention hashtag to stay part of the conversation.

3. Write down key phrases and stats to tweet at a later time. Depending on the pace and speed of someone’s speech, it can be difficult to live tweet everything right on the spot. Sometimes, if the speaker uses sound bites that are tweetable, it’s easy to tweet it right when he or she is saying it. Most of the time, a longer thought may be easier to write down and tweet later.

4. Retweet others who are live tweeting. If a popular session is going on (i.e., the general session), it’s very likely that other attendees are tweeting things as well. That’s why it’s important also to keep track of the conversation using the event hashtag, #ICBALive14. Retweeting a key line from someone else gives you exposure to that tweeter and also saves you time. It’s a win-win for everyone to retweet and add to the conversation.

5. Add in your own comments and flair. Live tweeting isn’t strictly about tweeting exactly what’s being said. Perhaps you’d like to add a comment, agree with something that was said or even ask a question. The beauty of Twitter is that it’s a live forum. Other attendees in the room may also have the same questions or even provide answers to yours. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

6. Visuals never hurt. Sometimes a picture or a graphic is easier to tweet than trying to type out a thought. Even a photo of the speaker at the podium from your perspective adds to the experience. Sharing photos is a positive aspect of tweeting live.

Live tweeting takes quick fingers, thinking and multitasking, but sharing views and information during a live forum adds to your credibility and influencer status. The more information you can provide, the more valuable you are as a tweeter. You never know, your tweet may end up being featured in ICBA Independent Banker’s May Community Banking Live recap article!

Stay tuned.

Stay Connected at the 2014 Convention

Twitter: Stay up-to-date on all convention happenings by following @ICBA and hashtag #ICBALive14. Tweet at us with questions and comments.

Facebook: Check for daily photo highlights as well as fun, candid photos and videos.

LinkedIn: Follow our company page ( for status updates to keep up with convention happenings.

YouTube: Following the event, all general session speeches and slideshows will be posted on our Community Bank Channel (

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Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s senior social media specialist.