Social Media Matters: 27+ Twitter feeds to follow


27+ Twitter feeds to follow

Ring in the New Year with a goal to listen and be more active on Twitter. As a community banker, you have a voice and an expert opinion that truly matters in the financial services space. Becoming active on Twitter is a natural transition for many community bankers who are considered vocal leaders in their own communities.

If you’re still new or starting from scratch in social media, be sure to follow these important Twitter influencers and voices to gain some ideas and be in tune with what’s going on in financial services and community banking:

News Outlets

@AmerBanker: The official handle of American Banker, a must-follow for all news related to banking and finance.

@BankDirector: Bank Director tweets the latest news, commentary and insight on all things officer and board-related.

@BankTechNews: Interested in following innovative technology news related to the financial sector? Check out this handle.

@BloombergNews: The official handle for Bloomberg News.

@CNNMoney: The latest in business and finance from CNNMoney.

@FinancialBrand: The latest tweets on branding, innovations and clever marketing, specifically related to banking and finance.

@MarketWatch: Tweeting the latest business news, personal finance information and real-time commentary from MarketWatch.

@MKTWEconomics: Follow MarketWatch’s coverage of all the latest economic news.

@NYTEconomix: A New York Times blog that analyzes the news and uses economics as a framework for thinking about the world.

@NYTimes: The official handle for The New York Times.

@SNLFinancial: SNL Financial tweets reliable, timely and relevant financial data, news and analytics.

@USAToday: The official handle for USA Today.

@USATODAYmoney: Latest tweets about financial markets, the economy, business, corporations and personal finance.

@WashingtonPost: The official handle for The Washington Post.

@WSJ: The official handle for The Wall Street Journal.

@WSJecon: Economic insight and analysis blog from The Wall Street Journal.

@WSJMoneyBeat: The Wall Street Journal tweets analysis of mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, private equity and the markets.


@CFPB: Tweeting consumer finance and recent developments in regulations, follow the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the latest.

@FDICgov: The latest news on the FDIC is tweeted here.

@FederalReserve: Speeches, releases and Federal Open Market Committee minutes from the Federal Reserve.

@FINRA_News: The latest news from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

@USOCC: Tweets from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

ICBA Staff

@Cam_Fine: President and CEO Cam Fine tweets his passion for community banking and commentaries on too-big-to-fail, banking news, inside the beltway chatter and, of course, the Cardinals.

@TerryJorde: Chief of Staff and Senior Executive Vice President Terry Jorde, who is also a former North Dakotan community banker, tweets about her passion for banking through news articles, opinions on banking news and the occasional senior management tip articles.

@ChrisCommando: Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Chris Lorence tweets about marketing, banking news and also tips and lessons learned about being an effective marketer (appropriately dubbed: #Chrisisms).

@AleisStokes: Senior Vice President of Media and Public Relations Aleis Stokes tweets about the latest advocacy issues as well as the latest on the #GoLocal movement.

@AJChen317: Senior Social Media Specialist Ann Chen tweets about social media news and tips, banking innovations and D.C. musings.

Community Banks and Bankers

Follow community banks on Twitter at ICBA’s official list:

Follow other community bankers on Twitter at ICBA’s official list:

For more tips on how to get started on your Twitter presence, check out “Tweeting for Community Bankers” on our social media landing page under resources (

For more tips on Twitter, visit: Here you will find Twitter vocabulary, the art of tweeting, “10 Twitter Minutes a Day” for the busy community banker, tweeting for advocacy and more.

Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s senior social media specialist.