Social Media Matters: Spread the holiday cheer through social media

Spread the holiday cheer through social media

By Ann Chen

It’s that time of year when holiday music is playing on the radio, lights and decorations are strung up in the neighborhood and everyone is full of cheer. Why not celebrate along with the community through your social media channels? Here are four ways to spread the holiday cheer:

1. Host a holiday giveaway contest. Invite fans and followers to tweet, like, share or post about their favorite local holiday happenings and provide a prize incentive. Be creative and offer something only a community bank can offer, such as gift cards to a local restaurant or holiday gifts from the local craft store. Bonus points to all those who promote their local small businesses in some way!

2. Pair your annual events with a social media component. Whether it’s an annual charity drive or photos with Santa, your community bank can connect with customers socially by reminding them about the holiday event, as well as posting photos of the event afterwards. There can also be a social component to the event, such as hosting a photo booth and allowing attendees to retrieve their photos on your Facebook page.

3. Feature different happenings in your branches or community. Whether it’s decorated trees, warm ginger cookies or a local school choir singing carols, there’s always something going on during the holiday season that really only makes sense to report on social media. This way, your fans can be in tune with what’s going on at different branches or places in the community, and you can be the main source for this information.

4. Share some tips and tricks related to the season. Everyone loves new and creative ideas for the holidays. Maybe it’s an employee recipe for a holiday entrée or some holiday budgeting tips, since community bankers are partners to their customers for financial literacy. Sharing this relevant information socially can help demonstrate that your community bank wants to be involved in other parts of your customers’ lives, not just limited to banking.

Whatever the time of year, community banks play a key role in their communities by being involved in local charities (which is especially relevant during the holidays), being the financial literacy expert to their customers and also leading the conversation on community happenings. A universal tip is to continue to bring this strategy into your social media efforts throughout the year. Cheers!

Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s senior social media specialist.