Social Media Matters: What Is Social Success?

What Is Social Success?

By Ann Chen

Starting any type of marketing or communications campaign should include a measurement for success. But in a new space such as social media—what would those measurements be?

It used to be that the number of fans or followers you had determined how successful you were. But nowadays local businesses can be successful in using social media even if they only have a couple hundred fans or followers.

Here are three tips on social media measurement that may aid in your community bank’s journey to success.

Create a social media strategy and policy document, then outline specific metrics to measure over a period of time. If you create a goal or metric for your bank to reach, stick to it and measure accordingly. Don’t set and forget. Whether you decide to do it weekly or quarterly, consistently follow up and note the patterns of which posts work the best and which ones flop. This way, your time and resources can be used more effectively when creating future content.

Know your audience and its social habits, and then adjust your measurements accordingly. Sometimes communication takes trial and error, but some messages may ultimately resonate more on Twitter than Facebook, or vice versa. Or your audience just may be more active on Pinterest than on any other network. If so, use this knowledge to your advantage when reviewing your bank’s social strategy.

Success looks different for each community bank. Sure, some community banks seem to really knock others out of the park in terms of “likes” or followers. But in the end, different community banks—such as one that has a customer base of 100,000 versus one that has one branch in a small town of 1,000 residents—will have very different potential audiences and, therefore, goals for success. Set your goals realistically, and keep tweaking and adjusting your posting habits and content according to what your measurements tell you.

Ann Chen ( is ICBA’s senior social media specialist.