Social Media Integration Checklist

By Ann Chen

You’ve established your Facebook presence, sent your first tweet and posted your first video to YouTube. Now it’s time to get viewers and followers to engage with your social media channels, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s a simple checklist of small ways you can remind your customers and community to follow you:

– Include social media icons in your employees’ email signatures.

– Place social media icons on your bank’s home page. Bonus: Anchor their placement on your site so that no matter which page a visitor is viewing, the social media icons always stay present. (Grand Rapids State Bank’s website is a good example.)

– List your social media icons/links on appropriate promotional materials such as advertising and fliers.

– Print a takeaway promotional flier that encourages customers to connect and include them in branches. Also, encourage your tellers to give them to customers after they finish their transactions.

– Include social media links or handles on your business cards.

– Add a share option to all pages on your bank’s website so that users can easily share on social media.

– Integrate any publications you may have into your social media channels. Update your cover photos and images when the publication comes out, and link to the articles via social media.

– Integrate community events into social media. Announce and remind the community to attend the event on social media. Give sneak previews of events, or present interesting giveaways that are exclusive to those participating in a given social media campaign. Take photos or videos and post them on Facebook and YouTube, respectively (remember to ask permission of the people of whom you are taking a picture as a courtesy).

– Debut campaigns, products and news on social media first. This also helps test the waters for how your customers will respond before the official rollout.

– Host branch contests (hint: decorating for the holidays is always a fun idea), and set up voting for customers to vote on their favorite.

Social media is meant to be another channel through which to communicate and share what your community bank is doing. It promotes a two-way dialogue with your customers, and everything is shareable, which multiplies your impact and visibility to friends and family.

In terms of creating campaigns, contests and posts, the sky’s the limit. However, one key takeaway is to always tie it back to an offline experience. Once that is established, integration will automatically occur.

Ann Chen is ICBA’s senior social media specialist.