Voyage of Discovery

2013 ICBA National Convention and Techworld
Las Vegas, March 11–15

This year’s revamped ICBA convention workshop lineup meets even more professional development interests and needs

By Jessica Etter

Want updates on today’s hottest lending trends? Hope to get further ahead of the fast-moving regulatory curve? Have an interest in proven community bank marketing strategies? And, of course, do you want to discuss new management strategies with your peers?

The educational lineup at this year’s ICBA National Convention and Techworld® is set to answer all of these questions, along with those you have yet to consider. More than 60 workshops and networking sessions will be available this year, and the convention’s workshop format has been updated to cover nine specific topic tracks. Those tracks can be used as a guide to create a schedule tailored to your individual projects and professional development needs.

Below are just some of the workshops you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to attend at this year’s ICBA convention. These sessions and many other sessions will have you covered.

Highlights: ICBA Convention Workshops

– Regulatory Hot Stuff

Senior banking agency representatives will bring you up-to-date reports on all the latest issues concerning bank regulation and supervision. Speakers from the FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC will be in attendance. Learn about the proposed new capital requirements under Basel III, credit quality, stress testing and liquidity management, source of strength requirements for holding companies, deposit insurance, commercial real estate loan concentrations and more.

– Mobile: Fundamentals of Mobile Payments

Gain insight into the different business models, technological needs and issues, industry and regulatory changes as well as lessons from other countries and geographies about the development of markets.

– The Community Bank Survival Guide: How To Survive and Thrive

Learn many substantive and practical tips for how to maintain your community bank’s independence, including strategic planning tips, profitability strategies and improving your bank’s organizational structure.

– The Best Business Models in Community Banking

We studied the Top 50 community banks in ROA performance throughout the past six years. Now, you can discover the business model characteristics of these elite performers and learn lessons for any community bank wanting to reposition itself as a top performer.

– Social Media on Steroids

New to social media? No worries. Learn how to transform your community bank’s social media platform from potential liabilities and time wasters to revenue-generating brand enhancers.

– Basel III: What Does It Really Mean to Community Banks

The proposed Basel III rules and requirements for measuring capital adequacy will have a dramatic impact on the capital ratios of nearly every community bank in the country. Learn about the new definitions and measurements of minimal capital requirements, what impact the new rules will have on shareholder actions and the new rules governing risk weighting of assets, especially residential mortgages.

– Farm Bill Policy and Its Impact on Your Customers

New farm bill programs will differ significantly from previous farm bills. Learn what these changes are and how they will impact your farm customers’ production decisions and loan demands.

– Managing Third-Party Risks to Maintain Profitsin Ag Lending

Third-party claims can impair your loans causing customers big losses. Fraudulent activities with cattle feeding are common, drought may severely impact producers. Learn how to avoid pitfalls-structure contracts and counterparty risks.

– Growing Your Loan Portfolio with ICBA/Farmer Mac Program

Ready, set, grow! Learn how to retain your best farm and ranch customers and attract new ones with competitive, fixed-rate loan products that compete in the countryside.

– New Rules for Profitable Bank Marketing

Traditional bank marketing tools aren’t always working with today’s new customers. Learn how to measure the return on investment of your marketing budget, and quickly connect and close the deal with high value prospects in your communities.

– The Five Metrics That Matter Most in 2013

Learn the top five metrics that should matter most to CEOs and CFOs in 2013. Receive a Metrics Checklist documenting the metrics that should be on your bank’s radar screen, and discuss points to consider when analyzing these metrics.

– Successions at the Top: Lessons Learned from CEO Transitions

Planning for succession can be intimidating, and identifying potential successors remains a challenge for many organizations. Learn how successful banks are planning for their future leadership and continued independence.

– Fair Lending Compliance

For bankers and compliance professionals, gain insight into what regulators expect, how to develop internal procedures to detect and eliminate fair lending violations, and how to identify risks in your policies and practices.

– Eight Habits of Effective Bank Managers

This workshop identifies the bank manager skills and practices required to support high performance organizations. Learn about habits such as “study the competition,” and “set goals and communicate no matter what the outcome,” and why they are vital to your bank’s success. endmark

Jessica Etter is ICBA’s communications engagement and integration strategist.