10 Twitter Minutes a Day

Like most community bankers, you’re busy—I get it. But spending just 10 minutes a day on Twitter can dramatically expand your network and deepen existing relationships. Here’s how to get started:

Follow interesting people: Spend a couple minutes a day perusing Twitter, searching for interesting people to follow. You can easily find suggestions via the Twitter Discover tab (marked with a “#”) in the top toolbar by clicking on “Who to Follow.”

The more people you follow, the more accurate Twitter is at predicting other users you may like. Plug in a couple of key words in the top search toolbar and see who some of the top tweeters are—you may want to follow them.

Tweet interesting information: The easiest way to keep track of information you may want to tweet is to create an RSS feed—and check it every now and then. Most news sites allow you to add their RSS feeds into a reader (Google Reader is a good one to use) so everything can be in one place, saving time and effort.

Add your local news publication, banking and finance trade publications, national news syndicates and anything else that interests you. Others tools allow you to schedule tweets, so you can prepare to send several messages over a period of time.

Engage with others: If someone mentions or retweets you, consider giving that Twitter user a shout-out or following them. In social media, what comes around goes around, so be generous and thank people for sharing your content.

But keep in mind that it’s not good to overload your Twitter feed with thank you’s. Also, retweet recent messages that contain good and relevant information. The more you engage with others, the more others will find out about you.

Sometimes the best way to gain followers is to engage as much as possible and share interesting content.

Ann Chen is ICBA’s communications coordinator.


Tools To Track Mentions

ICBA Social Media Monitor

Mobile and tablet apps (Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite)

Twitter alerts (Settings->Notifications)

Automatic Tweet Scheduling Tools