Four Reasons To Be On Twitter

Your voice matters. As a community banker, Twitter can give you a platform to deliver a powerful message to a wide audience. This channel is a great place to share a human perspective on your bank and our industry. Consider using your Twitter account to highlight community events your bank is involved with or simply how an employee made a customer’s day. The possibilities are endless.

Influence the influencers. Eight out of 10 members of Congress, thousands of news outlets and reporters, and at least one-third of Fortune 500 companies are tweeting. Twitter provides a tremendous opportunity for the average person to communicate with influential people. The channel allows you to get feedback from a wide range of people, including those who may be praising or criticizing your bank.

Be a subject matter expert. Twitter can help you become a well-known expert on a subject. Community bankers have a wealth of useful information on various topics. Consider sharing tips on personal finance, information security or successful business practices with your followers.

Add a face to your community bank. Twitter’s informal and personal environment makes it an ideal platform through which to communicate what your community bank stands for: relationship banking and great customer service. Like Facebook, it adds another dimension to your community bank’s personality. So consider tweeting invitations to your bank’s anniversary barbecue celebration or telling your followers about the next local fundraiser. Remember to be personable, but don’t sell—selling is a huge turnoff on social media.

Ann Chen is ICBA’s communications coordinator.