Measuring Facebook Beyond ‘Likes’

On Facebook, “Likes” are the first things your eyes see when you visit a page. Not surprisingly, then, increasing their number of Likes is both a priority for many users and a good measurement of their social media success.

However, don’t put all your eggs in one Facebook basket. Likes are important for creating a community of fans, but to more fully tune in to how engaged your bank’s Facebook fans are, you also should consider these three measurement tools.

1. Engagement: What do your community bank’s Facebook fans tend to comment on? What do they share? Do they like certain posts versus others? Knowing this will help you post similar content to best engage your fans.

Facebook Insights, the metrics tool built into Facebook pages, can show which posts draw the most activity from visitors. This feature is located beneath your page’s picture.

2. Talking About This: One recent tool added to Facebook tracks the number of people “talking about this” (it’s located right below your Likes number). This shows the number of unique people who’ve created a story about your page. A story can involve anything from commenting on a post to Liking your page. But, in general, this feature shows how many people are actively engaging with your page.

There may be 1,000 people who like your page, but only 50 are engaged fans. The goal is keep increasing the “talking about this” statistic.

3. Shares: Another recently added Facebook measurement feature, “Shares” counts how many people have shared your post. Along with tracking comments and Likes, this measurement helps indicate the “viral” impact of a given post.

How does this work? Say you post about a recent marketing campaign on your bank’s Facebook page. The post will potentially reach your fans via their News Feeds. However, if someone shares the post, then it also will potentially reach all of his or her friends and fans as well—generating the organic, viral coverage you want.

—Ann Chen