Facebook Faux Pas

Four Ways to Turn Fans Off on Facebook

1. It’s not Youbook: Talking about your community bank and its products sounds like a great idea, but if every Facebook post is a self-promotion, then fans will quickly grow tired. Instead, try to be a source of good information and have some fun every once in a while. Then stick in a promotion or two occasionally.

2. Too many posts: Do you have a friend that likes to post every two minutes about what he or she is doing? Imagine a company or brand that does the same thing, and you can see why some Facebook followers might sever ties. Keep your posts consistent, and try posting just once a day to start.

3. Your responses are too slow: When fans post on the wall of your Facebook page with a question, complaint or concern, the proper etiquette is to respond as quickly as possible. In a world where people are connected all the time, customer service on social media is expected right away. Have a mechanism in place to respond and use the same type of customer service that’s expected in person or on the phone.

4. Automated posts: People want to see value in your Facebook posts. Think twice before you automate posts from a blog, Twitter or an RSS feed. Does this add value to your bank’s Facebook page? If the answer is no and engagement levels are nonexistent, then it’s OK to remove the automation. Instead, try to promote such content selectively.