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Boosting Performance

Boosting Performance

Six ways to improve IT project execution and follow-through By Judith Sears Just about everyone’s done it—undertaken an IT initiative with soaring hopes only to sputter, stall, fail or never fully deliver on expectations. Unfortunately, as banking operations and IT systems converge, the consequences for faltering IT executions are rising steadily.

Test Drive

Kicking the tires of the new Bluebird prepaid card By Cary Whaley Like any true payments geek, I revel in a chance to get under the hood of new payment offerings and take them for a test drive. So when American Express announced that its new prepaid card, called Bluebird, was available exclusively at Wal-Mart

Evolutionary IT Alternative

Managed service providers sprout into an increasingly available option for greater IT outsourcing By Collin Canright It’s been a universal industry refrain for many years: Affordable access to current technology is a crucial competitive point for community banks, as it is with any financial services firm. The challenge is even greater with today’s mobile consumers.

Drawing a Crowd (Facebook)

How three community banks are making a big impact and attracting fans on Facebook Facebook is an electronic bulletin board of ideas that updates as a streaming News Feed. In the last Social Media Matters column, I talked about Facebook basics and how to start engaging fans. In fact, one of the first questions that