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A look at the core processor relationship

A look at the core processor relationship

In today’s dynamic, technology-centric marketplace, a community bank’s relationship with its core provider should be a strategic partnership that supports the bank’s long-term business objectives. Based on feedback from both banks and core providers, ICBA has created guidelines to help you make the most of your working relationships.

The Big Switch

Changing core processing systems takes research, observation and a thoughtful review By Jennifer J. Salopek The current estimated size of the global bank core software system marketplace is about $8.6 billion, according to Celent LLC, the banking technology consulting firm. The firm estimates that the market will grow at a rate of 4 percent over

Down to the Core

Tackling core processing system conversions for functionality, efficiency and integration By Karen Epper Hoffman Changing up the core processing software system is arguably one of the most overwhelming tasks any community bank can undertake. But, done right, it can also be one of the most operationally beneficial and rewarding.

Owning the Code

A core processing cooperative gives community banks an ownership stake By Judith Sears All community banks today face the information technology challenge of maintaining competitive functionality and services with limited operating budgets. Sometimes squeezed between the high fees of service bureaus and the costs of trying to maintain their own IT infrastructure, many community banks