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Social Media Matters: Spread the holiday cheer through social media

Social Media Matters: Spread the holiday cheer through social media

Spread the holiday cheer through social media By Ann Chen It’s that time of year when holiday music is playing on the radio, lights and decorations are strung up in the neighborhood and everyone is full of cheer. Why not celebrate along with the community through your social media channels? Here are four ways to

Social Media Matters: Visiting a Virginia community bank

Visiting a Virginia community bank By Ann Chen In my four years here at ICBA, I’ve spoken, written, typed and tweeted about why community banks are special and how they fulfill a uniquely important role in the nation’s financial system. Yet I’ve never explored the behind-the-scenes of what happens day-to-day inside the walls of a

Social Media Matters: What Is Social Success?

What Is Social Success? By Ann Chen Starting any type of marketing or communications campaign should include a measurement for success. But in a new space such as social media—what would those measurements be?

Click and Connect

More community banks are hopping on social media to engage personally and powerfully with their customers By Beth Mattson-Teig Community banks are continuing to like social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Although the community banks embracing social media still represent a fraction of the industry, the momentum to add social media

What Makes a Social Influencer?

By Ann Chen This year, ICBA debuted a first-of-its-kind recognition of community banks that are outstanding social media influencers within our industry. The Top Community Bank Leaders in Social Media list (see pages 34 and 35) features community banks that go above and beyond in their social media efforts by fully incorporating those activities into

Socially Secure

The recent hacks into the official Twitter accounts of Burger King, Jeep and the Associated Press can make any social media manager wonder about the security of his or her own accounts. Yet, just as there is security technology for online banking, email and shopping, there are precautions you can take and guidelines you can

Social Media During Tragedies

By Ann Chen Whenever a crisis or tragedy happens, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the social media world is lit up by thousands of tweets and minute-by-minute updates on the latest news. Many tweets and posts of condolences and prayers are offered by individuals. But how should companies respond to these events on social

Linking In to LinkedIn

By Ann Chen With the growth of so many social media networks, it’s easy for companies to be unsure about which channels to use and which to ignore as fads. LinkedIn is dwarfed by its larger counterparts, Twitter and Facebook; however, it merits an exploration by community banks because of its particular draw as a