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5,287 days of Cam Fine

Camden R. Fine is retiring as ICBA president and CEO, a position he’s held for 15 years. In that time, the former Missouri community banker saw three presidents, weathered the Great Recession and was The Hill’s top lobbyist for 10 straight years. Through it all, he’s never wavered in his fight to protect the rights

5 ways to boost your customer experience strategy

User-experience maestros like Amazon and Facebook may soon enter the retail banking space. Take a page from their collective playbook to keep your customers loyal for life. By Chuck Green Twenty percent of bank customers are “digital-only” users, preferring to prospect and purchase online, according to the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research study. Different consumers

Community bankers’ best moments

Every community banker has a handful of memories that have fueled their passion for their work. In honor of Community Banking Month, here are some inspiring stories from around the industry. By William Atkinson, Illustrations by Robert Neubecker Talk to most community bankers, and they will tell you about the “spark” that ignited their career

The bank that’s just for kids

President and CEO Richard Martinez Jr. shares how Young Americans Bank is empowering young people to live the American dream. By Andrea Lahouze In Denver, Young Americans Bank has a curious differentiating factor: It is the only bank in the world that exclusively serves customers ages 21 and younger. It all began in the mind

Erik Qualman: The secret of social media success

Erik Qualman, author and keynote speaker at this month’s ICBA Community Banking LIVE, describes social media as “word of mouth on digital steroids.” That, he says, makes it an unmissable opportunity for community banks. Here are his tips for doing it right. By Roshan McArthur A little over a decade ago, Erik Qualman watched his