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Revealed: Independent Banker’s most innovative community banks

Revealed: Independent Banker’s most innovative community banks

Innovation takes many forms. It doesn’t have to be about technology—although it often is. It could be a product. It could be a management philosophy. It could even be your recycling bins. What counts is that it solves a problem, meets a need or just makes your community a better place. When we asked you to nominate community banks that think differently, you delivered. We loved learning about all the great things you’re doing—but we had to pick just 20 community banks to recognize. Turn the page to get started.

How (and why) to launch an IPO

Is your community bank ready to be traded on the Nasdaq? Here are the stories and words of wisdom from community banks who’ve made the leap from private to public.

Is bigger always better?

Community banks are under pressure to acquire or be acquired to reach greater scale, deal with growing compliance costs and stay competitive in a fierce market. But is merging always the right thing to do for a bank and its customers?

What AI can do for your community bank

Artificial intelligence is here.
And as consumers begin to expect more from their Echos than travel and weather, banks sense an opportunity. The good news? Shrinking costs will soon put this smart technology within reach of community banks of all sizes.