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7 ways to keep costs down

Saving money is always an appealing prospect for businesses of any kind. But for community banks, operating in an industry facing unprecedented consolidation, it’s crucial. Here are some top tips from community banks that are pinching pennies by making better staffing decisions, using technology more wisely, scrutinizing their utility bills—and more.

How 125-year-old community banks stay up to date

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert As the banking industry continues to consolidate, and fintech upstarts with the latest apps tantalize the younger generations, it’s good to know that there are more than a few community banks that have withstood great tests for more than a century. The five community banks profiled here survived the Great Depression. They

Revealed: Independent Banker’s most innovative community banks

Innovation takes many forms. It doesn’t have to be about technology—although it often is. It could be a product. It could be a management philosophy. It could even be your recycling bins. What counts is that it solves a problem, meets a need or just makes your community a better place. When we asked you to nominate community banks that think differently, you delivered. We loved learning about all the great things you’re doing—but we had to pick just 20 community banks to recognize. Turn the page to get started.

How (and why) to launch an IPO

Is your community bank ready to be traded on the Nasdaq? Here are the stories and words of wisdom from community banks who’ve made the leap from private to public.