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Stepping Stones

Building small-business credit and debit card portfolios to achieve greater loyalty and profitability from corporate customers By John Yarley While the economy continues to recover from recession, small businesses have been leading the recovery. The U.S. Census estimates that the number of small businesses in the United States is approaching 28 million. It is worth

All Systems Go

Four fundamental steps to ensure smoother product and service launches By Katie Kuehner-Hebert Sometimes even the most well-planned product and service rollouts experience hiccups. One piece of advice to avoid problems, project management experts say, is to prepare your community bank’s staff to “expect the unexpected” to ensure customers still have a positive experience. Such

Advocacy as Easy as One, Two, Tweet!

The evolution of contacting your members of Congress has changed with the times. From snail mail to faxing to emailing to tweeting, there are a multitude of channels that get the message across in different ways. In the case of tweeting, you can cut through the clutter. It’s instantaneous and ubiquitous: 80 percent of congressional

Top 5 Uses of Social Media at ICBA’s Convention

By Ann Chen Community banking’s largest gathering can be a lot to take in. Luckily, social media is a great way to help keep us all connected. Consider these five benefits: 1. Be everywhere at once. Social media is known for its instantaneous sharing abilities; this complements the multiple happenings at a big convention. Plug

The Image Boom

Social media professor William Ward of Syracuse University has tracked the evolution of electronic communications. First, blog posts arose as the earliest forms of social media communication. Later, blogs shortened to Facebook updates and Tumblr posts, which shrunk further to 140-character Tweets. Today, pictures posted to Instagram or Pinterest have become the most shared currency

10 Twitter Minutes a Day

Like most community bankers, you’re busy—I get it. But spending just 10 minutes a day on Twitter can dramatically expand your network and deepen existing relationships. Here’s how to get started: Follow interesting people: Spend a couple minutes a day perusing Twitter, searching for interesting people to follow. You can easily find suggestions via the