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Chris Lorence: Money isn’t everything

Chris Lorence: Money isn’t everything

It’s opportunities that really matter. By Chris Lorence With the recent reductions in business taxes, many community banks are evaluating their employee pay scales. Some have already increased hourly rates for nonexempt staff and given salary increases to many exempt staff as a result. The increase in wages will certainly provide a shot in the

Erik Qualman: The secret of social media success

Erik Qualman, author and keynote speaker at this month’s ICBA Community Banking LIVE, describes social media as “word of mouth on digital steroids.” That, he says, makes it an unmissable opportunity for community banks. Here are his tips for doing it right. By Roshan McArthur A little over a decade ago, Erik Qualman watched his

Gretchen Carlson on her fight to end workplace harassment

In 2016, journalist Gretchen Carlson made headlines when she confronted a culture of sexual harassment at Fox News. Today, the ICBA Community Banking LIVE keynote speaker is setting her sights even higher, lobbying Congress for legislation that she believes would help end workplace discrimination.