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Payments Exchange

Payments Exchange

New Transaction Liability Court rulings underscore the need for layered security systems By Cary Whaley How does the reversal by the U.S. Court of Appeal for the First Circuit of PATCO v. People’s United affect your community bank’s corporate online services? It signals a trend by several courts to rule against banks that fail to

An ICBA Influencer

Community banker Jesse Torres takes to Twitter to educate Angelenos about our industry Looking for insights on effectively communicating through social media, ICBA Independent Banker sat down with Jesse Torres, president and CEO of Pan American Bank in Los Angeles and a top industry influencer on Twitter.

Loyalty through Rewards

Wooing new customers in central Ohio with nationally branded rewards checking accounts By Beth Mattson-Teig Coleman Clougherty grapples with the same basic challenge that every community bank—big or small—faces in today’s market: How do you grow the customer base and attract younger customers, and how do you get those customers to use more of the

Ready to Run

By Camden R. Fine Question: How long does it take for Congress to enact a new law? Answer:Much longer—and far shorter—than anyone can predict. The U.S. Senate is commonly referred to, sometimes deferentially and sometimes facetiously, as the world’s greatest deliberative body. The description springs from the seemingly boundless debating (and delaying) powers and prerogatives

15 Minutes With … Doug Neighbor

President and CEO of the $648 Million-Asset Farmers State Bank in Marion, Iowa IB: Tell us about Farmers State Bank. What is your market like? Neighbor:Farmers State Bank is headquartered in Marion, Iowa, but we serve the entire Cedar Rapids metro area. FSB is the largest family-owned bank in the area, with four generations working

Clearing the Way

By Bill Loving As members of Congress head back to Washington this month from their summer recess, there’s something that should give them cleardirection on how they can help community banks prosper—it’s called The Community Lending Enhancement and Regulatory Relief Act of 2013 or CLEAR Act. With separate but similar versions introduced in the Senate

Funding a Better Tomorrow

A Virginia community banker helps launch an online charity donation portal By Michael J. Blankenheim There was a time when over 20 percent of community bank deposits were in noninterest checking accounts. Now, in an age when online banking portals provide customers with the ultimate convenience to manage their funds anytime, that number is down

The Other Central Bankers

While maintaining low profiles, ICBA leaders are playing an influential role for the nation’s economy as Federal Reserve Bank directors By Beth Mattson-Teig As Federal Reserve Board chairman, Ben Bernanke, like his predecessor, Alan Greenspan before him, is certainly the globally recognized face of the U.S. central banking system. Names such as Paul Mello, Megan

Proportional Progress

By Camden R. Fine It’s a concept long but steadily in the making—proportionally tiered regulations for community banks. Conceived by ICBA more than two decades ago, tiered regulation was developed to provide relief to community banks saddled with woefully impractical Community Reinvestment Act regulations. The whole complex CRA regime was put in place to address