The Rumble of the Community Banking Voice is Getting Louder

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As evolving expectations continue to challenge the banking industry, Community Bankers are more frequently opening up about frustrations with their Core providers. They are upset with technology costs and concerned about the limited products they can offer their customers. Consequently, the need to add services and products to their existing core platform leads bankers to sign subsidiary, non-coterminous agreements, and in most cases, their monthly expenditures increase. As a result, community bankers are expressing their need for open API and the freedom to choose ancillary technology partners without being penalized.

At IBT we strive to ensure our clients control the relationship. We understand the need for affordability and control costs by opening free market competition to our system. This often results in cost reduction for our banks as their vendors position themselves more competitively. As a service provider, our goal at IBT is to deliver reliable technology that meets the individual needs of our clients.

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