Synergy Bank


In Louisiana, making each customer’s banking experience personal

By Jerry Ledet

Synergy Bank
Houma, La.
Assets: $466 million
Retail offices: Five
Employees: 111
Founded: 1998

When Synergy Bank started the bank more than 15 years ago, we based our mission and our identity on giving back to our community. Our employees and officers donate thousands of hours to local events and nonprofit organizations. I was volunteering at an event and someone came up to me and said, “Is there any event that Synergy is not involved in?” That’s the image that we want to have in the community. That’s what it means to “Synergize.”

Last year was a transitional year for Synergy Bank. As we celebrated our 15-year anniversary, behind the scenes our employees were hard at work upgrading our bank’s core processing system, revamping our website, developing our mobile app and adding a list of new technical services to our portfolio.

We anticipated that all the changes would slow down our services at first, but the work ethic and dedication of our employees to overcome those challenges far surpassed our expectations. Our employees recognized the trials that we were up against and rallied to ensure that our customers remained our top priority, resulting in a great year.

At Synergy Bank, we strive to provide exemplary customer service to each and every customer we come in contact with—whether in person, over the phone or over the computer. Putting a serious effort into customer service and community involvement has proved to be very successful for us. Knowing the needs of your customers and their expectations of you are key. Sometimes as a community bank, we do things and provide services that other banks feel are not cost effective, but we do them nonetheless because it’s the right thing to do. We live by our philosophy that this is our community and we are stronger together.

If you ask our customers, however, each one would say something different as to why he or she likes our community bank or why Synergy is different from other banks. Our approach to banking is based on the needs of each individual customer. Each customer is unique, and our job is to make their banking experience as personal as they want it to be.

We’ve had consultants tell us we have too many products. Our answer is that we have a product to fit the needs of our customers. For our tech-savvy customers, we offer the latest in technology such as mobile deposit, a mobile app and online access to their accounts. For our traditional customers, we offer down-home customer service. We know them by their names. We help them balance their checkbooks. We know their “mom and d’em,” which is South Louisiana for “family.” It’s that level of customer service that makes us different.

Though the national trend in banking is moving toward small branches and less human interaction, we at Synergy Bank see the need here in Louisiana to increase personalization. In the upcoming years, we will continue to provide new technological advancements to our customers without compromising our customer service.

Jerry Ledet ( is president and CEO of Synergy Bank in Houma, La. An experienced banker, his career has encompassed extensive commercial and retail lending as well as branch administration and management.